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What do I need to provide for my Wedding Officiant?

Here is a list of items and guidelines for your Officiant to properly perform your ceremony:  

  1. Your marriage license in its original envelope
  2. Both rings available at the ceremony, and the name of the individual(s) holding them
  3. Names of Witnesses (not required in the state of Florida, but your choice to use one)
  4. Any questionnaire or other paperwork your Officiant sends to you to fill out and return

Will my DJ help me with music selection?

Absolutely. Any reputable DJ should have a full conversation with their clients regarding music genres, and specific song requests. A professional DJ should also be able to offer suggestions. For example – If asked: “What is a great choice for a Father Daughter dance?”, your DJ would suggest something like: My Little Girl by Tim McGraw or Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle.

Do Wedding officiants always follow the same script?

While there are certain formalities in every ceremony that remain the same (ie: ring exchange), the overall experience should be unique. A good Wedding Officiant should personalize the ceremony to every bride and groom. They should get to know the couple via conversations and questionnaires and compile all that information into a creative and personal experience. A good Officiant should also offer personalized love stories.

Will my Photo Booth come with props?

Yes! We provide a tangible prop kit, as well as selection of digital Snap Chat style props that you select on the screen. You may use one, or both, or none at all – it is entirely up to you!

Will I have an attendant with my Photo Booth rental?

Yes, absolutely. A knowledgeable on-site attendant will be there the entire duration of your party. He/she will manage the line, and instruct your guests on how to operate the photo booth station. He/she will also address any issues, should they arise.

Can I choose my photo strip design?

Absolutely! Any good Photo Booth provider should ask you what your color scheme is, as well as any design preferences. Your photo strip will be designed to your liking, and of course include the occasion and date of the event. For example: “John & Lisa, 10/4/2022”.

Will I receive all photo booth pictures taken at my party?

Yes. Any reputable Photo Booth provider will not only deliver the slides to each guest at the party (whether its digital or print), but they will also email you a file containing all the slides produced at the party. Generally, you should expect to receive the file within 72 hours after your event.

What kind of Photo Booth should I get?

This is a matter of both personal preference and budget. Let us start with the 2 main categories: open concept and enclosed concept. Enclosed concept is your traditional booth that you walk into. Open concept is where the photo booth machine is “out in the open” and faced a backdrop. Open concept has vastly gained popularity over the conventional enclosed photo booths. Next you should decide if you want tangible printed slides, or a digital option in which the slides are sent to you and your guests via text message or email. The digital option has also gained more and more popularity in recent years, as partygoers seem to prefer having the slides in their phones and be able to save and post them to social media, as opposed to a printed slide that they put on their refrigerators. Once you make these two decisions, you should ask your vendor to provide you with all products for each category.

What if I want to write my own vows or other special segment in my ceremony?

You may absolutely do that! Any good Officiant will allow you the opportunity to make your Wedding day as special as it can possibly be. This day is about YOU! Generally, regarding vows, if personalized ones are written, the Officiant will also recite the traditional ones right after (unless you specify otherwise, but this is common practice).

Should a Wedding Officiant provide the music and microphone?

Your ceremony music is generally not provided by the Officiant, but rather by the DJ or musician you hire for your ceremony. Please keep this in mind so that you don’t have those expectations. If you only book an officiant, you have not booked the music. However, a reputable officiant should offer a PA system and microphone for their own ceremony performance. If you hired a Wedding DJ, your DJ should provide his own sound system and play your ceremony music. You may also ask your DJ and Officiant to communicate prior to the ceremony to discuss who is providing what, and work together to make sure you have everything you need. If you hired a musician, they may or may not need amplification, depending on the location and size of your ceremony.

Do I mail out my marriage license myself?

No, your Officiant will complete and sign the license immediately after your ceremony, and take it with them along with the original envelope. Your Officiant will then send it via certified mail to its respective clerk of the circuit court. Once the clerk’s office processes the license, you will receive your certified copy in the mail.

What is a Wedding Officiant?

A Wedding Officiant is an individual who performs Wedding Ceremonies, and possesses the legal credentials to do so. In the state of Florida, such individuals include: Ordained ministers, Florida judicial officers, Public notaries, Clerks of the circuit court, Quakers (in the manner and form used or practiced in their societies) and Captains of a ship, if the Captain is a notary and the ceremony takes place in Florida waters (within 3 geographical miles from the coastline at the time of the ceremony).

Do I need a separate MC?

This really depends on your budget and the type of party experience you wish for. Generally, a “two-man” DJ MC team is hired for events which require multiple detailed formalities (Weddings, Sweet 16s and Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s). This allows for the DJ to remain behind the booth playing music while the MC is out there on the dancefloor performing and managing the event. However, it is also quite common to just hire a “One-Man” DJ/MC – a professional DJ who will also serve as the MC, but all from behind the DJ booth. A two man team is definitely a more fluid and dynamic experience, but a great one man DJ/MC can still deliver a great party.

Will my DJ also get on the microphone?

Absolutely. This is a must! A good DJ should not be a silent standing jukebox. If you are paying for a professional DJ, you should also get a personality. Not only formal announcements, but also acknowledging the occasion and getting the crowd motivated. A good DJ creates energy and positive vibes with not just great music, but great MC skills as well.

Should my DJ be licensed and insured?

This is a very common question that we are happy to address. At this time, there is no licensing available in the DJ industry (at least nothing legitimate). It does not exist, nor is it needed. A DJs license is his experience in the industry. However, liability insurance does exist, and many venues will require it. A $1,000,000 – $2,000,000 coverage policy is standard.

Is a DJ better than a band?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is a matter of personal preference. What we can tell you is that the two main advantages of a DJ are: DJs are generally less expensive than bands, and DJs are a better option for clients who prefer to hear the original version of their favorite songs played at their party, as opposed to a band’s covers. But again, there are some who prefer bands and we encourage all of our clients to make the best decision for themselves. We want everyone to have the best possible experience on their special day. Keep in mind it is also an option to book both a DJ and a band, in which the DJ plays in between band sets.